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FREE and PRO Plugins for WordPress

Menu Access for Editors Plugin

Allow WordPress Menus to be Maintained by Editors

Allow WordPress menus to be maintained by users with Editor Role access to the WordPress “Admin panel”.

  • Only a “Menu” option will appear under the Appearance menu
  • Users cannot access other “Appearance menu” options such as Themes or Customise by typing in the URL manually.
  • Safe, Secure and FREE

Times Table Bug for Schools

This Plugin has now become a website!

Accelerate your School’s Times Table learning with our easy to use WordPress plugin. Print a set of “pupil specific” tables or pupils can print from home. Fast Marking,

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Swift Performance Light

  • Speed up your website

Put your website on overdrive with this super light plugin. Your webpages are cashed and optimised for performance, with lazyload, Minify and Database optimisation all included.

But… (there’s always a but!), if your web host provides their own performance plugin, that may offer an even better performance. (e.g. “SG Optimiser” from Siteground)

All in One WP Security & Firewall

  • Secure your website

An easy to use security tool that prevents brute force attacks, protect your file system, slows down spam and protects your database. A great all-in security tool that doesn’t hamper performance.

Easy Updates Manager

  • Automatic Plugin and Theme Updates

Tired of requests to update plugins when you login to WordPress? If you have a small website and don’t login very often, keep your website secure by automatically installing updates for Plugins and Themes.

But be aware, check your website after being notified of updates. If you’re using less popular plugins or themes and they break your website, you’ll want to know about it!

Broken Link Checker

  • Get Emails when your Weblinks Fail

Eventually you’ll have a few older webpages with links that will take your customers to a non-existent page. Apart from being frustrating, it shows that a website isn’t well maintained and perhaps isn’t very useful at all.

Have your links automatically checked and receive an email when they fail.

Great for small websites, otherwise you may wish to to keep an eye on page load times!

Before installing any Plugin, it’s advisable to backup your website and database. Just in case you’re unlucky and something breaks!