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Times Table Genius for Schools (Now a website) - WP Plugin Pros

Times Table Genius for Schools (Now a website)

Available Feburary-2020. This Plugin has now become a website over here: www.TimesTableBug.com

Learn Essential Times Tables Quickly – For FREE

Accelerate your School’s Times Table learning with our easy to use WordPress plugin. Teachers can print set of “pupil specific” tables for the whole class in one go or pupils can print their own to practice at home. Each day we’ll generate a new set of questions geared to each person’s ability.

Easy Access From your School’s Own Website

  1. Visit your schools website and select our automatically created times table web-page
  2. Login and print questions and answers in one go.
  3. Pupils collect their own named sheet and start the 3 minute test together.
  4. Marking is easy. Pupils can pair up using the unique pair-name on each sheet (e.g. Apples) and mark each others sheets.
  5. Scores are input into the online system which tracks progress for you

Fast Marking and Setting

Our unique marking system enables pupils to quickly mark each others work, this has several advantages:-

  • Every pupil has a test to suit their ability
  • Inclusive: Every pupil gets to mark a paper.
  • Ultra fast marking: Answers are formatted to align directly against the questions to allow fast checking and less mistakes
  • Teachers can focus on the next class activity

PRO Features

School budgets are tight, so this plugin pays for itself by reducing teacher workload and encouraging pupils to progress

  • Learn Table facts even better.  Add division, reverse operation, square roots, squares. Include number bonds and speed-maths also.
  • Show sums in different formats, such as in columns
  • Mirror your schools current Maths challenges by settings levels and challenges. Add your school Logo + Name too
  • Not only printable, online tests available too. (Suitable for mobile or PC use)
  • Scores entered online generate automatic certificates, ready to print
  • Up to 512 pupils catered for (that’s – 16 classes of 32, in a primary school that’s from reception to year 7)

In an average primary school of 260 children*, the PRO version works out to be

Less than 2p per child per month (inc. VAT) !

FREE version

  • Up to 192 pupils catered for (that’s – 6 classes of 32, in a primary school that’s from reception to year 7)

Easy Installation

  1. Download our Plugin
  2. The website “Administrator” Logs into your school’s WordPress website
  3. Select Plugins -> Add New, then “Upload Plugin” (at the top of the screen)
  4. Select the download plugin and your new webpage “/maths-genius” is automatically created

Easy Set-up

  1. Setup Classes – The new page will ask for a list of classes or teacher names (A maximum of 7 classes in the free version)
  2. Setup Pupils – Teachers visit the same page to add their pupils and set levels and view statistics

Privacy, Safeguarding and GDPR

All data is stored within your existing School’s WordPress database.
First name + initial are encrypted. Other data includes class name, year group and statistics on usage.
No adverts will be shown, even in the free version (other than to Times Table Genius).
Option to delete an individual’s data.


* average school size, source: UK Parliament – Schools and class sizes in England & the UK