Menu Access for Editors

Menu Access for Editors

Allow WordPress menus to be maintained by users with *Editor Role* access to the WordPress admin panel.

Unlike other plugins:-
1. Only a “Menu” option will appear under the Appearance menu.
2. Users cannot access other “Appearance menu” options such as Themes or Customise by typing in the URL manually.

== Description ==

* This is a FREE version
* Developed to 2019 WordPress coding standards
* Created with security in mind
* Very light weight and should have no effect on page speed
* No adverts (by external companies) or collection of data without asking first

*All great* – Please leave positive feedback.
*If not* please leave a support message and give us a chance to help before giving negative feedback.

== Installation ==


Use WordPress automatic installation or manually install as follows:-

1. Download our Plugin
2. Log into your WordPress website as an “administrator”
3. Select Plugins -> Add New, then “Upload Plugin” (at the top of the screen)
4. Select the downloaded plugin, followed by activate and you’re ready to go.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Is this Plugin Safe and Secure? =

How we create safe and secure plugins:-
– No advertising other companies or gathering data (unless you agree otherwise)
– WordPress functions are used wherever possible, as per WordPress standards
– Database queries protected from PHP injection
– Tested with other common plugins
– Unit tested to check error handling and that “PHP functions” talk to each other correctly

* That’s our best intension, but as with all software we can’t guarantee software is fault free.

= Is this Really FREE? =

Yes, it’s completey FREE with no adverts (apart from links/ads to our own website).

In order to promote our PRO and Custom Plugins and we created this FREE version for anyone to use.

We may later offer a PRO version with more features, if requested.