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Allow user role "Editor" to Edit Admin Menus - WP Plugin Pros

Allow user role “Editor” to Edit Admin Menus

Allow WordPress Menus to be Maintained by Editors

Allow WordPress menus to be maintained by users with *Editor Role* access to the WordPress admin panel.

Unlike other plugins:-
1. Only a “Menu” option will appear under the Appearance menu.
2. Users cannot access other “Appearance menu” options such as Themes or Customise by typing in the URL manually.


* This is a FREE version
* Developed to 2019 WordPress coding standards
* Created with security in mind
* Very light weight and should have no effect on page speed
* No adverts (by external companies) or collection of data without asking first

*All great* – Please leave positive feedback.
*If not* please leave a support message and give us a chance to help before giving negative feedback.

If you find this plugin useful, please consider donating (see the bottom of this page)
Using this plugin is FREE, but a donation will help improve this plugin, allow me to develop more plugins and provide better support.



Use WordPress automatic installation or manually install as follows:-

1. Download our Plugin
2. Log into your WordPress website as an “administrator”
3. Select Plugins -> Add New, then “Upload Plugin” (at the top of the screen)
4. Select the downloaded plugin, followed by activate and you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Plugin Safe and Secure?

How we create safe and secure plugins:-
– No advertising other companies or gathering data (unless you agree otherwise)
– WordPress functions are used wherever possible, as per WordPress standards
– Database queries protected from PHP injection
– Tested with other common plugins
– Unit tested to check error handling and that “PHP functions” talk to each other correctly

* That’s our best intension, but as with all software we can’t guarantee software is fault free.

Is this Really FREE?

Yes, it’s completey FREE with no adverts (apart from links/ads to our own website).

In order to promote our PRO and Custom Plugins and we created this FREE version for anyone to use.

We may later offer a PRO version with more features, if requested.

Purchase Includes 20% tax